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Wild Bićanić, Sonia @en

Two Lines of Life

Product Description

Suizdanje s Hrvatskim centrom P.E.N.–a

I began these memoirs to tell my children, and later my grandchildren, what my life in England had been like before I came to Croatia. But anyone who has ever written a book will know that books soon begin to live a life of their own and after I had written the early part, the first of the two lines of my life, I felt I would like my family in England to understand something about ordinary life in Croatia, a country about which by reading foreign newspaper (however inteligently) they could find out very little.
As time went on this second reason became an overriding purpose. The life of Croatia as seen in books and articles written in English is usally portrayed in the form of politics and parties, of economic development and social change as seen by foreign experts, scholars and journalists from their own specific point of view and with their own special purpose. It is almost never shown as the ordinary life of ordinary families, never seen from the aspect of the everyday realities that go on in continuity ver the generations. What I have written cannot attain to the level of Rudi’s Kako živi narod, but it is in its own way an account of the ordinary life of everyday people…


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  • ISBN : 953-188-102-2
  • Number of pages : 244
  • Binding : paperback, 13 x 20 cm
  • Publisher : Durieux, Zagreb 1999
  • Price with VAT : unavailable

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